The toothpaste mystery

The toothpaste mysteryImage courtesy of  Mister GC at

This morning,
much too early
for my liking,
I brush my teeth,
squeezing a last drop
out of the tube.

As I watch myself,
foaming mouth
and lips,
looking like a rabid wolf,
my thoughts wander
to the tube
just squeezed.

For days now
I squeeze and squeeze.
Seemingly pushing out
the last drop of polishing

more and more
comes out of nothing.

How to explain
the mystery at hand.

Is my tube of toothpaste
connected to
a parallel universe?

Is there an alter ego
of mine,
wondering why
his toothpaste is
constantly empty?

I won’t solve
early in the morning.

Image courtesy of  Mister GC at


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