fight on

Lost Identity

Every day
a new start.

Starting over,
taking a shower,
cleansing hot water.

Leaving the shower
turning in front of the
reality, displayed
in rawest form.

Mastectomy scars,
even few,
the reminders of
pain and loss.

Stolen identity
feelings of incompleteness.

a canvas
filled again, with
fragile and colorful.

A hummingbird
feather light in flight
feasting on a

Beautifully tattooed
in fine stitches
colorful and fragile
changed, still

Proud to fight on.

The reflection
in the mirror
becomes a reminder
of lost identity.

And strong (beautiful)

Brushing teeth,
not yet putting a shirt on,
staying proud.

Going along with daily

Happy to be here.



written for a friend
Image courtesy of scottchan at




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