It’s all for the fun of writing – don’t judge me!

There are words in me, bursting to come out.

Thoughts I have, feelings, and observations I made. The poems are inspired by the people and events in my life.

You will read here about what I experience and how the world seems to me. I’m not writing my poems in rhyme, though I try to create a rhythm as I break lines and chose words.

Sometimes I’m just silly, sometimes more thought-provoking. Take all of this as with a grain of salt and not to matter of fact. I like playing with words. Sometimes I might seem insulting. Though, my intentions are not to hurt, but to point out stereotypes and misconceptions.

Have fun reading my poems. Thanks for spending time on my blog.



© 2000 – 2017 Andreas Hirsch, a|hirsch, threedrunkengoatds.me – All Rights Reserved.

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