The Getty at Christmas time

At the Gettyimag17511

Riding the tram
up to the peak,
visiting The Getty.

Sun setting,
turning structures
purplish blue.

In the valley
the 405 winds through
Cahuenga Pass.

Lights lined up
in red and white,
10 lanes of traffic
creating liquid
Christmas lights.

Large snowflakes
projected onto walls
and marble floor
setting the mood for
Christmas at The Getty.

Children chasing
animated lights.
Trees wearing
festive glows.
People lining up
the coffee cart,
hot beverages for
a cool night.

Nightfall and
The Getty shines,
buildings in white elegance.

People moving
in and out of galleries,
silenced by ancient art
and modern architecture.

The Getty by night,
at Christmas time,
drawing people in.


Flower Power 2016

Flower Power 2016ID-100148045

Flower power
meets twenty sixteen.

There she is,
sitting on her bike,
waiting for the
light to change.

Spring breeze,
dancing hair,
Jeans with holes,
vintage blouse.

Friday afternoon,
school is out,
she sings out loud
to tunes her
earbuds reveal.

weekend ahead
packed with
and prospect.

Youth is wasted on
the young
and she is
worth the spoil.

May all your lives
be filled with
of sunshine
and ease.

Image courtesy of dan at

lonely sock

A sock at the YIMAG0420

Here I am,
visiting the local
for workout
and relaxation.

Between repeats
of lifting weights
and relaxation
inside Jacuzzi.

Here it is!
All alone!
A sock without
a foot,
a sock without
its counterpart.

All alone!
Or perhaps
caught in the act?

You might ask,
what kind of act
can a lonely sock

Running away from home.

As Dobby was set free,
so the sock itself
found freedom
in liberation.

Did we discover
the century old quest
of missing socks?

Was the dryer
after all
without fault?

Another mystery
to be solved
another day


picture a|hirsch



Playing Mahjong in the middle of the night.
Laying in bed and winding down by doing useless puzzles.
Here it comes, out of the blue,
a memory from a childhood
decades away.

A lunch eaten at a strange place,
tasting the food in my mouth,
even smelling the smells.

Each detail so vivid like it just happened
right now.
Though forty or more years away.

We are the future, past, and presents
at all time.
And sometimes there is a rift in time
and all becomes one,
for a few moments in time.



Image by Yoolca