Layers of Our Soul

Our soul,id-100358932
our conscious mind.

Has layers
on layers of emotions.

followed by love.

feeling safe.

All layers in our heart.

At times,
life pulls these layers apart.

One after the other
they peel away.

Until love reveals pain,
pain turns to anger.

A soul beaten down
being raw in pain,
will only feel
anger and aversion.

Sustain your soul
every day.
Sustain a friend’s
soul every day.
With love and


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Dark Nights

Sitting casual, id-100252875
talking about his
drug addictions.

Four times
he overdosed.
Four times
he came back.

“No, I don’t
want to die.
I don’t know
how to live,

Waiting for
divine voice,
giving strength
to break

Every day
a new start
for change.

No more chasing;
finding happiness
and joy
without the needle.

will come.


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The Manager

I am a
I have no skills,
I only know
to boss around.

If I could do
the work.
I would!

my only given talent;
being grouchy
and organized.

Make me the

You can count
on me.
To be there,
to put the hours in.

Though, don’t
expect me
to be useful
doing work.

I am a manager.
I have no skills,
I only know
to boss around.


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Keys in many colors

Keys in many colorsimag1767_1_1_11

They all are special,
they all have on in

They all serve a purpose.
They all open doorways;
to the unknown,
to the familiar,
to the places of happiness.
to places we threat.

You can’t tell
what door they open
just by looking
at the ring.

All are the same
and ask of us
to discover their

So, if you see
a keyring with
many colors,
see the potential
it might hold.

The places it might
take you too.
The adventures
hidden behind.


A love affair

Seeing her,
leaning at the wall,
eager to please.

My desire;
feeling her
between my thighs

Straight lines,
curvy at the right

You would call her
slick and powerful.

My heart starts throbbing
seeing her waiting
for me.

Thinking about her
all day.
Hiding pictures
on my computer.
Sneaking a peek
when nobody watches.

She is mine now,
Ready and eager.
Mounting her,
feeling leather
on my crotch.

Here we go,
up the hill,
my Bianchi,
an Italian beauty
of carbon.

Eagerly taking me
on my evening ride.
Leaving the day

Feeling wind
and freedom.
May the sunset
lullaby us into
an evening
of rest.


One Nation

Election hangover,
grieving sorrow.

Elated success,
beating the odds.

Division through
the core.

One Nation?

Nothing in common.

Painted into corners,
worldviews collide.

Where to go?

Egos larger than life.

Speaking hatred.
Hearts filled with fear.

Change, for the sake of it.
Protecting the status quo.

Transitions into unknown.
People fill the streets,
demonstrating to defend.

Where to go?

One Nation,
trusting middle ground.

Words, are past now,
actions count.


One Nation!

Where to go?

hope the goodness
in people wins.

Stronger together
makes America great again.