Summer Evening

Summer heat,ID-100413261
sun setting

Dog days,
cool breeze
barley pushing
day’s heat

Familiar sound
getting closer.

Not the melody
of ice cream

A child’s dream
transformed to

Coming down
the street,
speakers blaring
old blue eyes,
a truck filled
with wine
and booze.

Stopping at my
People spilling
from front yards.

Cold drinks,
iced margaritas,
mojitos smelling minty,
aged whisky on the rocks
or neat.

A summer dream,
coming down the street,
memories of ice cream
turned adulthood.

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An Evening at the Bowl

Anticipation in the air.Bowl01
The smell of tasty food.

Cousin John on the escalator,
waving in excitement.

BBQ chicken on white square plate.

Selfie taken in the seat in front.

Smell of charcoal.

Is this wine? No, I got us champagne.

BBQ onions and garlic.

Jazz at the Hollywood Bowl,
not only an event of music,
more so of all senses.

Sun settles over
Los Angeles,
rhythms rock the bowl,
people eating,
relishing the moment.

An evening at the
Hollywood Bowl;
Los Angeles
coming together.


photo a|hirsch