Who am I?

  • To change the world
  • To make peace
  • To judge

I am small.

Just one voice.


I am!

  • To love
  • To be change
  • To support



Christmas Eve Alone

Christmas Eve,received_10210661499989384
cooking fancy meal,
roast is in the oven,
potatoes boiling,
Gravy bubbling,
desert cooling in the fridge.

Again alone at Christmas Eve.
By choice
I have to say.

Kids grown up,
families off their own.

Laughter passed
some time ago.

Not feeling sad,
though thoughts of more.

Home alone,
not feeling lonely.

Choices I have made,
neither good or bad.

Roads taken
leading here.

Life lived at terms of mine.
Strong and proud.

Tonight is all
I look upon.

The joy of being
by myself.

Here I’m
celebrating Christmas
not lonely;

in solitude.


An introvert’s Christmas

It’s the seasonIMAG0282
to be jolly.

Much hype
for a birthday child.
Even a God sent one.

Music playing loud and fast.
Stressed people searching peace.
Hohoho; indulging vanity.

Though, one soul was granted
peace on earth.
Introvert’s dream delight.

No obligation, family or other,
planned for Christmas Eve
and day.

Enjoying solemn peace alone,
reflecting on years passed,
preparing for New Year.

An introvert’s Christmas
as bright as it can be.


The Book of Joy

The Book of JoyThe Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu
meet in the Himalayas
at the Dalai Lama’s home in Dharamsala.

Pondering the meaning of joy.

Two wise man,
spiritual world leaders,
enjoying each other’s company.

Wisdom and love filled pages.

Stories of journeys past.

Many roads leading to happiness.

Did I find joy?
Hard to tell…

I lack the wisdom, patience, and acceptance
to fully embrace joy.

In a world where being in control means power,
giving it up to gain joy seems hard to do.

Though, inspired I am.
Inspired to become more aware
of life around me.
Alert to people and their stories.

Joy seems nothing to be found,
rather created by actions.


Layers of Our Soul

Our soul,id-100358932
our conscious mind.

Has layers
on layers of emotions.

followed by love.

feeling safe.

All layers in our heart.

At times,
life pulls these layers apart.

One after the other
they peel away.

Until love reveals pain,
pain turns to anger.

A soul beaten down
being raw in pain,
will only feel
anger and aversion.

Sustain your soul
every day.
Sustain a friend’s
soul every day.
With love and


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