The Manager

I am a
I have no skills,
I only know
to boss around.

If I could do
the work.
I would!

my only given talent;
being grouchy
and organized.

Make me the

You can count
on me.
To be there,
to put the hours in.

Though, don’t
expect me
to be useful
doing work.

I am a manager.
I have no skills,
I only know
to boss around.


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Hiking with Friends

Hiking with Friends

A selfie taken
at the trailhead.
A church group of
four couples middle aged.
Laughter and joy,
excitement marking the journey.

And off they go.
Men forming the
front group.
Women falling
back early on.

Huffing and puffing,
up the steep trail.
Hiking poles
used as leverage.

Two groups
spreading wide.

Half way through the
men are waiting for
their slower half’s.

marching downhill.

Laughter and warmth,
shared experiences
leading way.

Returned to trailhead.

Soon they wave goodbye,
each boarding their own.

A morning shared,
in good company.


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Love Songs at Night

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Writing poetry.

The clock
crawls toward

Love songs
on the radio
are evening

Single malt
in heavy

Love advice
by Karen Sharp.

The world
spins slower now.

Computer screen
illuminates darkness.

Writing poetry
at night.

Listening to the radio.
Drinking too much, again.

These are the joys
I treasure most.


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How many naps?

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Napping in the afternoon.
Napping in the morning.

The beauty of stretching out on the sofa.
Rolling up like a puppy on a sunny afternoon.

Checking your eyelids for holes.
Catching some zzzzz.

Oh, how much I love my naps.
After the kids left for school in the morning.
After midday’s lunch.

On cloudy days,
on days were raindrops knock on windows.
Warm spring days
and snowy December afternoons.

How long shall I nap,
how many naps?

Life is not about how long you nap,
it’s about how many naps you get into an afternoon.



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